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What is the Grong?

The Grong is a multi-functional hand pipe that fits into most bottles for gravity applications, and fits your water pipe as a slide (doubles as an ash catcher!)



  • In your hand

  • 14mm or 18mm glass pieces as a slide

  • 2L, 3L and sports drink bottles (for gravity applications)

  • a nail for tinctures (replaces the glass screen)


Ultra durable, easy to clean, and with a generous bowl, you'll have no problem getting Grong!

About us

The Story of the Grong

In September 2017, Clay Friedrich (The Grong Guy LLC) began creation of the prototype wooden Grongs.  Scott Milliron joined in, and with his help, the two-man team experimented with a few different styles. After extensive testing, they landed on a polished ergonomic design featuring a stainless steel screen and laser engraving (big thanks to Brock Livingstone.)

In its latest incarnation, (March 2020 edition), the Grong boasts a durable silicone body with a thick glass insert to make the silicone Grong just as sturdy as the original!

Maple Grong

Original Grong  (2017 edition)

Silicone Grong

SiliGrong  (2020 edition)


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Grong Cleaning & Care

Wooden Grong Care
To clean wooden Grongs you'll need:

  • Paperclip/toothpick

  • Paper towel

  • Replacement screen

  • Cotton swabs (at least two)
    Tip: Use 6" wood stick cleaning swabs


Cleaning Your Wooden Grong 

  1. Use the paperclip to poke a hole in the center of the screen.

  2. Make a small bend in the paperclip and use the hooked end to pull the screen out.

  3. Hold the Grong upside down over a paper towel.

  4. Push a cotton swab through the mouthpiece and out of the bowl.

  5. Use the second swab to push the first swab all the way through.

  6. Clean out the bowl with a swab.

  7. Replace the screen.

  8. Pack & enjoy!

SiliGrong Care
To clean silicone Grongs you'll need:

  • Cotton swabs (at least two)

  • Rubbing alcohol (90% recommended)

  • Disposable cup

Cleaning Your SiliGrong

  1. Remove the glass insert (use a finger or a Sharpie to wiggle it out) and set the insert in the disposable cup. Pro-tip: For a stubborn insert, rinse the SiliGrong with soap and hot water.

  2. Hold the Siligrong upside down over the disposable cup.

  3. Pour rubbing alcohol through the mouthpiece.

  4. Push a cotton swab through the mouthpiece and out the bowl.

  5. Use the second swab to push the first swab all the way through the bowl.

  6. Clean out the bowl with an alcohol soaked swab.

  7. Clean the insert out with a swab.

  8. Allow at least 5 minutes to dry completely.

  9. Put the insert into the SiliGrong.

  10. Pack & enjoy!

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